We need your help with this project

This web site is dedicated to the shipmates and officers that served aboard the Flower Class type Corvettes during the Second World War.
The pages and documents herein are reproduced courtesy of The Flower Class Corvette Association for the benefit of it's members and their families.

The aim of this web site is to not only provide an archive of the 'Shepherds of the Sea' but also an on-going tribute to the life, times and experiences of the men who served in them.
It is hoped that this site will be a focal point for following generations to reflect on the achievements of these crews, and for their families to use the information as a reminder of the lives of their fathers and grandfathers.

To succeed in it's goals this site needs the help and advice of all those people with a story to tell and information to give. We are most interested in the anecdotes, experiences and reflections of the men who served these ships. Historical accuracy, as in all cases, is very much appreciated.