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H.M.S. Violet Web Page (K35) A web site dedicated to HMS Violet and those who served on her.

U-BOAT network provides information about the U-Boats in WWII as well as information about allied shipping.

HCMS Sackville (K181) the last surviving Flower Class Corvette. Canada's Naval memorial.

HMCS Sackville (K181) Photographic tour.

HMS Picotee. Debbie Laws E.Mail.

HMS Wallflower Shirley Fielden E.Mail

HMS Hyderabad Steve Attwater 01227 368111 E.Mail

Flower Class Corvette Discussion Forum by Mark Walters

HMS Hollyhock Jonathan Wickett

HMCS Sudbury K-162. Navy League Cadet Corps Sudbury #44

HMS Asphodel Jean Hedges

La Malouine K.46 Adam Bowman

The Castle Class Corvette Association